What should I do: Sharpen or Replace Lawn Mower Blades?

4 March 2023
What should I do: Sharpen or Replace Lawn Mower Blades - electriclawnmowers.com.au

Lawn mower blades, which are often made of durable metals, cut grass. These blades can withstand high-speed impact with a range of items. Your lawn mower blades will become dull if you have not performed routine maintenance. These dull mower blades can tear grass up, leaving frayed ends or even failing to cut them. It means with a dull mower blade, your lawn grass will become uneven, vulnerable to disease, and have a white or brown tip.

Sharpening The Lawn Mower Blade

Sharpening your blades on a regular basis will help you avoid having ugly, unhealthy grass. The mower should be sharpened according to how you use it and how thick of a cutting edge you require. Typically, the manual has sharpening instructions. Moreover, for sharpening lawn mower blades, you can sharpen the blades themselves or bring the blades to a sharpening service.

Why Sharpen Your Mower Blades?

You can save money by having your lawn mower blades sharpened. Safety goggles, gloves, a flat metal file, and a vice or other instrument to hold the blade securely are all recommended for safer sharpening. It won’t take you long if you have access to these things; just follow the instructions and make sure they are sharp.

Tips for Lawn Mower Blade Sharpening

An angle grinder, bench grinder, or drill and sharpening wheel can all be used to sharpen a lawn mower blade. Make sure your blade is balanced after sharpening. If the blade tips to one side, that side is excessively heavy and needs to be filed.

Steps to Sharpen Your Lawn Mower Blade for a Cleaner Cut

Step 1: Take the blade out of the mower.

Step 2:  File Blade

Step 3: Verify the Balance

Step 4: Reassemble the mower in

Why Replace Mower Blades?

Mower blades should be replaced on average once a year by a homeowner. But when should you replace it? Well, for that, you need to check signs.

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What should I do: Sharpen or Replace Lawn Mower Blades  - electriclawnmowers.com.au

Signs you need a new lawn mower blade. 

  • It’s been around for almost two years.
  • The blade is crooked and out of balance.
  • You’ve sharpened it twice already, but it’s still dull.
  • There are dings, gouges, and/or missing components.


How to Replace a Lawn Mower Blade?

Step 1: Put the mower on its side.

Step 2: Take out the fasteners holding the mower blade in place.

Step 3: Take off the old mower blade.

Step 4: Installation of the new blade.


Buying new blades?

If you’ve decided it’s time to replace your old blades, you can hunt for local online or offline stores to purchase new lawn mower blades. For lawn mowing accessories, check Amazon.

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