5 Tips To Dealing with Fallen Leaves In Winter Season

7 June 2023
5 Tips To Dealing with Fallen Leaves In Winter Season - electriclawnmowers.com.au

Winter is harsh for humans, animals, and trees, but you should not feel obligated to eliminate every last fallen leaf in your yard. You can just leave the leaves and let the garden be on its own. So, how can we deal with these falling leaves? Well, if you are here to help you. Let’s get started!

Tips To deal with Fallen leaves 

  • Collect And Compost

If you want to make most of the leaves for a better environment, then you can use a leaf collector such as a tarp or lawn mower attachment designed for the purpose. If you have a compost pile, add fallen leaves to the heap, where they count as carbon-rich brown matter that provides food for the microorganisms turning the green matter into nitrogen and other plant-boosting nutrients.

You can use a compost bin or tumbler to begin composting leaves. To speed up the process, chop leaves before adding them to your compost pile. Consider mixing leaves with other lawn matter to produce a nitrogen-rich organic matter that is great for vegetable gardens, trees, and shrubs. Furthermore, organic matter helps with soil aeration, moisture retention, and even fighting disease.

  • Mow And Mulch

You can mulch your yard’s leaves rather than raking them all up. A spread of mulched leaves over a perennial bed provides insulation and improves soil quality as it decomposes. If your pile of leaves is large, decide whether to remove them before or after mowing. If your lawnmower has a poor mulching function, keep blades to the highest setting and mowing over the leaves will suffice. Also, instead of placing the pile of leaves against the shrub or tree trunks, arrange them around the stems in the shape of a doughnut, leaving some room for airflow.

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5 Tips To Dealing with Fallen Leaves In Winter Season - electriclawnmowers.com.au

  • Use The Right Tools For The Job

Not all rakes(garden tools with wooden teeth attached to a long handle) are the same, but the most suitable leaf rake is. Tall people can opt for a longer rake, while a shorter one will be easier to handle for those with small heights. When you want to buy a leaf rake, you can buy plastic rakes, which are lighter and easier to handle.

The finest backpack leaf blower is the choice for convenience because it is easy to wear and has the strength to swiftly clean up your yard.

  • Put On the Protective Gear

Whatever you do, whether mowing or chopping veggies, safety is always a priority. The first step in mowing in winter should be putting on gear such as gloves, well-made shoes, mask( to protect you from allergies).  You can wear long sleeves and light-coloured pants if you’re going to be using instruments like leaf blowers. Put on your boots or socks and tuck your slacks into your shirt as well.

  • Blow the leaves onto a tarp for easy disposal

A leaf blower is your best option for clearing leaves from walkways, driveways, decks, and expansive yards. You can blow the grass area, where you may use a mower to cut grasses or into planting beds where you can use them as mulch.


Wrapping Up

Winters are the days when the leaves of deciduous trees and shrubs start falling. The leaves on the lawn can tempt you to clean up. But you really don’t have to collect the grass; you can leave fallen leaves on your lawn. But if you like your lawn perfectly neat, then you can look for electric lawn mowers for sale near me. In fact, you can look for electric lawn mowers on amazon for easy and satisfying lawn mowing shopping.

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