10  Best Electric Lawn Mowers for Summer in Australia in 2023

23 November 2022
10  Best Electric Lawn Mowers for Summer in Australia in 2023 - electriclawnmowers.com.au

A lawn mower is necessary for any lawn owner or gardener. In fact, whether your lawn is small or large, having a properly maintained lawn with trimmed grass is the main component to enhance the appearance. Thus, you’ll need a good lawn mower to make your grass stay healthy and look great. It might be difficult to find a lawn mower that is ideal for you. Additionally, the question of whether to choose an electric or conventional lawn mower will pop up in your mind. Connecting this situation, the performance of electric lawn mowers has significantly improved in recent years. Electric lawn mowers are smaller, lighter, easier to load, and easier to store. Additionally, electric lawn mowers are environmentally friendly.

So, here is a guide to help you identify the best electric lawn mower in Australia.

1. BLACK+DECKER Electric Lawn Mower

BLACK+DECKER Electric Lawn Mower, String Trimmer, Edger, 3-in-1, Corded

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One of the most affordable yet powerful battery lawn mowers on the market from BLACK+DECKER. This is a 3-in-1 electric lawn mower that has a corded mower, trimmer and edger. You can easily mow your grass on inclined areas,  tight spaces, small yards, borders, sidewalks, and flower beds. This model has a practical 12 inches cutting width and has the dimension of 15″D x 7″ W x 37″H. One of the best things about this mower is that it is very lightweight at 5kgs and easy to use. This product also includes – BESTA512 string trimmer, AF-100 Spool, MTD100 detachable mower deck, auxiliary handle, and guard.

2. Sun Joe MJ400E Electric Lawn Mower

The MJ400-PRO is a small electric lawn mower equipped with a hard-top rear collection bag that detaches easily for convenient grass disposal. This product has a 12-amp motor with a cutting width of a 13.4-inch wide path. This product has 59.05 x 15.75 x 40.16 inch dimension and a weight of 9.98 kg. This lawn mower also features a three-position manual height adjustment, and hence it is ideal for cutting taller grass.

Sun Joe MJ400E 12-Amp 13-Inch Electric Lawn Mower - electriclawnmowers.com.au

Many American and Canadian users rated this lawn mower amazing five stars. Image: Amazon

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3. Bosch ARM 37 Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Push lawn mower Bosch ARM 37 Corded Electric Lawn Mower has a 1400W motor, 10m chord, and a 14.5-inch cutting width. This lawn mower can make immaculate cuts along narrow flowerbeds and borders. The cutting height can be simply changed from 20 to 70 mm. This is 12.5 kgs light, making it simple to use without putting strain on your back. Additionally, it has a two-year warranty.

Bosch 1400 Watt Corded Electric Lawn Mower - electriclawnmowers.com.au

Many Australian customers said it’s a surprisingly good mower at lower price.

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4. CRAFTSMAN Electric Lawn Mower (CMEMW213)

Craftsman’s corded electric lawn mower, CMEMW213, weighs 9kgs with a dimension of 33.8 x 21.95 x 15.06 inches. The powerful motor of 13 Amp motor with 20-inch winged blade for improved cutting performance which also cuts through tall grass. It also endorses 3-in-1 Capacity i.e. Rear Bagging, Mulching and Side Discharge. CMEMW213 is adjustable as it has a single lever height that adjusts from 1-1/2-in to 4-in and easy to fold handle, which also allows for vertical storage.

5. Worx WG779 Cordless Lawn Mower

The Worx WG779 is a cordless 40V battery that can mow up to 5,500 sq. ft. on a single charge and cuts through the thickest, tallest grass. It is lightweight and compact. This lawn mower’s cutting height may be adjusted to provide you with the precise cut you desire. For that, you can switch between multiple cutting height positions using easy-to-use single-lever adjustment. Its 2-in-1 design allows you to mulch or discharge at the rear and mow. It also has some great additional features: intellicut technology, battery power level indicators, and foam-padded handles. Another interesting thing is that this lawn mower features bag collection and mulching capabilities to help nourish your lawn naturally. 

Worx WG779 40V Power Share 4.0Ah 14

Many Australian said its performance is impressive. As its a battery powered many admired its easiness to use.

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6. Makita XML08Z 36V 

Makita XML08Z is powered by 18V LXT batteries with the option to insert additional batteries for extended run time. It features a 3-in-1 design for side discharge, mulching, or bagging. It is a self-propelled lawn mower with a quiet mode setting that reduces noise by providing constant speed control at 2, 300 RPM and can mow up to ½ an acre. Quick height adjustments, mulching capability, and a commercial-grade steel deck are also offered by this lawn mower by Makita.

The key highlight of this lawn mower is Extreme Protection Technology (XPT), a protective seal inside the tool. This tool is engineered for improved operation in harsh conditions and protects against overloading, over-discharging and overheating. 


7. LawnMaster MEB1216K Electric Corded Lawn Mower 

LawnMaster’s MEB1114K, which has the dimension of 30.40 x 18.18 x 12.98 inch; 13.7 Kilograms, and a cutting breadth of 16 inches, is powered by corded electricity. This lawn mower’s powerful 12amp motor operates at 3300RPM. It has an adjustable handle and is effective at collecting grass. This lawn mower has wheels of 6.69″ and 8.86″ in size; hence they are easy to rotate, labour-efficient, and simple to use.

LawnMaster MEB1216K Electric Lawn Mower - electriclawnmowers.com.au

Many US users of this mower said its easy to use, light weight and easy to store. Many Amazon verified buyer recommended this to others.

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8. EGO Power+ LM2101 

The EGO POWER LM2101  is a Cordless Lawn Mower that weighs 25 kg with a cutting width of 21 inches and product dimensions of 61.61″D x 22.92″W x 46.46″H. The advanced EGO POWER  LM2101 56-Volt Lithium-ion 5.0Ah battery delivers superior power without the noise, fuss and fumes. Because of its streamlined and lightweight design, the EGO POWER LM2101 lawn mower is easy to move and store. Additionally, it offers enduring power, quick charging, and durability in all weather conditions. This mower can handle even the most difficult mowing tasks for all kinds of grass thanks to its 45-minute cut duration.


9. Bosch 18 V Cordless Brushless lawn mower 

A market leader in the world, Bosch provides cutting-edge goods and services for households, businesses and trades. One of its products is Bosch 18 V Cordless Brushless Lawn mower. This lawn mower features a box capacity of 31 litres and an 18 V, 4.0 Ah cutting height and width range. With this, you can mow near edges, walls, and fences thanks to the lawn combs. It contains an easy-to-use selector lever for adjusting the lawn cutting height, which ranges from 30 to 60 mm. Adjustable ErgoFlex handles ensure a healthy working posture and lessen stress on the arms and back.

Bosch 18 V Cordless Lawnmower - electriclawnmowers.com.au

Australian users reviewed this mower as a pleasing great product that values the money spent to buy it.

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10. Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks offers 5-position height adjustment with a cutting height range from 1-1/4 inch to 3-3/8-inch. You can avail the 2-in-1 feature of rear bagging and mulching capability. Furthermore, this mower has a  16-Inch cutting deck, and it can mow a lawn of 400 square meters on a single charge and gives an even cut for all grass types.


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Wrapping Up

Electric lawn mowers offer you the best benefits when compared to traditional petrol-based lawn mowers. Among numerous lawn mowers available in the global market, these are the 10 Best Electric Lawn Mowers. You can easily buy these lawnmowers on Amazon. You can certainly check what are your needs and your budget status and eventually buy the one that best suits you. Make sure to enjoy your summer while also giving your lawn the best trim with your electric lawn mower.

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