How to cut the lawn: A step-by-step guide

3 December 2022
How to cut the lawn: A step-by-step guide -

Lawn Mowing is part of Australian life, beautiful lawn has significant aesthetic value. This guide tells you how to cut the lawn to make it look pretty.

At present, no one has time to get their hands to pick up the weeds lawns and hence lawn mowers become the best option. Since summer is about to arrive in Australia, it is now the time to take out your lawn mowers. Australians prefer using efficient lawn mowers when it comes to their precious possession of lush green lawns. Lawn mowers are cost-effective because they help you save time and money. A sturdy, simple-to-use, and low-maintenance lawn mower can last for many years.

The General Steps for Mowing a Lawn

  • Step 1: Clear your lawn; you have to remove any stones or pebbles. Get your kids inside the home who might be playing on the lawn.
  • Step 2: Check your mower to see if it is in a good working state.
  • Step 3: Choose a cutting pattern.
  • Step 4: Cut the lawn first; check on the trims.
  • Step 5: Think about using or discarding the grass clippings. 
  • Step 6: Make a final check and get your lawn mower in place.

Best lawn mowers offer great trimming or clipping of the grass, reducing your efforts and ensuring uniformity in trimming. Traditional Lawn mowers run on petrol. Considering environmental sustainability, the lawn mower industry has made an upgrade with electric mowers. But how to use a lawn mower wisely, safely and efficiently? Let’s look into how to use different lawn mowers for the best trims.

How to Use a Petrol-based Lawn Mower?

Step 1: Wearing PPE, Gloves, Ear defenders and eye protection. Also, check your equipment, fill the tank on the lawn mower and clear the work area.

Step 2: Strim the perimeter along fences, borders, patios, etc.

Step 3: Trim the lawn edges.

Step 4: Blow away the debris onto the lawn, as it can fire stones and debris into the air.

Step 5: Decide the main ways to deal with the grass cuttings, which can be Cut & Drop, Cut & Mulch, and Cut & Collect 

Step 6: Start the engine after setting your lawn mower to cut the grass at the proper height.

Step 7: Mow in your desired pattern.

Step 8: Finish by blowing over driveways, corners, and patios.

For better effectiveness of your existing lawn mower, you can check if the lawn mower is good or needs maintenance. You can do the following for better maintenance.

  • Change the oil of the engine.
  • Add a fuel stabiliser to the fuel system or empty the mower’s tank.
  • Replace the spark plug and air filter. You can also replace the air filter.
  • Sharpen the lawn mower blades. Never forget to balance the lawn mower blades.
  • Clean up your mower.

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How to cut the lawn: A step-by-step guide -

How to Use Electric Mower [Corded Lawn Mower]?

Step 1: Connect the power cord.

Step 2: Check for all the Safety Precautions. You can also see the weather condition. 

Step 3: Make a blade adjustment. To ensure it will be mowing the grass you want, adjust the height.

Step 4: Get your Lawn Mower to start.

Step 5: Mow Your Lawn in your desired pattern

Step 6: Finish by blowing over driveways, corners, and patios.

Buy Electric Mower

How to cut the lawn: A step-by-step guide -

How To Use Electric Mower [Cordless Lawn Mower]?

Step 1: Different kinds of cordless lawn mowers have different features and specifications. So, the first task becomes to understand how your lawn mower works.

Step 2: According to the user instructions, start your lawn mower. The lawn mower is turned on with a single press of the power button.

Step 3: Use your lawn mower to mow in the desired pattern.

For better effectiveness of your electric lawn mower, you can check if the lawn mower is good or needs maintenance.

  1. Make the undercarriage clean.
  2. The wheels should be lubricated.
  3. Verify all fasteners and bolts.
  4. Sharpen the blade of the mower.
  5.  Vents, motors, and battery compartments should all be blown out.
  6. Always cut the grass while it’s high and dry. It can be challenging and tough to cut wet grass since it sticks to the mower blades.
  7. Choose whether to cut your lawn vertically, horizontally, or in a zigzag pattern. The pattern can be rotated to evenly distribute grass clippings throughout the entire yard.

How to use a Robotic Mower for your lawn?

When it comes to using, a robotic mower is the easiest to use as you just have to make the setup and let the robot work by itself. However, you need to know the proper setup method. In most robotic lawn mower installations, you must set up the PIN Code, the charging station, the boundary wire, and Bluetooth or 4G connectivity. Once you have set up these along with time for mowing, the robotic lawn mower works automatically.

Wrapping Up

Mowing your lawn is not a big issue, but if you do not give the proper care and cut the grass, you might end up having an unhealthy lawn. But hopefully, after reading this guide, you might have now gotten the idea about how to cut the lawn using your desired lawn mower. No matter which lawn mower you use, the first rule is to mow frequently but not too closely. By doing this, you may prevent excessive leaf growth, weed growth, the growth of coarse grasses, and fertiliser loss. In addition, irregular lawn mowing can reduce the quality of the lawn and cause it to lose its beautiful grasses quickly. Additionally, this results in a thin, open lawn filled with moss, weeds, meadow grass, and pearlwort.

So make sure to attend every trimming appointment for your lawn! 

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