5 Things Must Avoid to Keep your Lawn Beautiful and Shining 

28 December 2022
5 Things Must Avoid to Keep your Lawn Beautiful and Shining  - electriclawnmowers.com.au

Everyone loves to have a lawn beautiful and shiny, but some silly mistakes can ruin the look and grace of our yards; here are the steps you must take to keep your lawn beautiful and shiny.

No one likes to have their lawn in a bad state, at least not by doing some lawn care mistakes. But sometimes, we can make some mistakes and hamper the health of the lawn. So what are those mistakes to avoid or not to make? Well, we will look at them and see what steps we can take instead for a healthy, beautiful, and shining lawn!

  1. Mowing too short

Many people tend to mow their lawns short because they believe it will keep not make them mow often. However, this actually hurts the lawn and its ability to grow healthy. If that lawn is cut too short, it causes your lawn to thin out, and you will give room for grassy and broadleaf weeds.

So, what to do then?

Cut your grass tall; experts recommend mowing at a height of 3.5 to 4 inches. These tall grass blades help the roots grow deep and access more water. Scientifically saying, due to the increased surface space of taller grass blades, the plant can absorb more sunlight; it will give plants the energy needed for photosynthesis, i.e. turn water and carbon dioxide into glucose. And the better the photosynthesis, the healthier and more robust your lawn grasses will be.

  1. Not watering your lawn

Missing out on watering the lawn due to some valid reason is acceptable but not watering it deliberately just to save money is not a good act. Some people don’t water their lawns because they think it’s too expensive to water the lawn. Well, if you do not water, your lawn may die out of dehydration. 

What to do?

You should water your lawn once or twice a week, giving your grass 1 to 1.5 inches of water each time, but you may want to look into factors like the size of your lawn, the type of sprinkler you have, and its settings for proper watering. If mother nature is kind enough to provide you with enough water, then you don’t need water.

  1. Watering your lawn too much

 Watering lawns every day is an Absolutely Bad Practice! Over-watering your lawn causes the lawn to have a shallow root system, as a consistent water source close to the surface hinders the roots from growing deeper. Another sad thing is that shallow root systems are more susceptible to disease, insect damage, and weeds.

What to do?

You can follow the regime of watering once or twice a week.

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5 Things Must Avoid to Keep your Lawn Beautiful and Shining  - electriclawnmowers.com.au

  1. Not Fertilising your lawn

A strong and healthy lawn has proper amounts of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. To provide your lawn with these elements, fertilisers are needed. If you provide your lawn with good fertilisers and follow other guidelines, then nothing will stop the lawn from thriving or looking at its best. But you mustn’t overdo it or use them rampantly in any season.

What to do?

Don’t use fertilisers on your lawn during the hot summer months. Because using a store-bought fertiliser in the summer will increase your chances of damaging your lawn. 

You can get professional help during summer or any season and help keep your lawn strong, healthy, and vibrant.

  1. Mowing with dull mower blades

When you mow your lawn with a dull mower blade, the mower tears the grass blades rather than cutting them and gives that jagged-looking discoloured grass. This damage caused to the grass blades can make your lawn susceptible to lawn disease. 

What to do?

Simply opt for a sharper blade in a lawn mower. A sharp mower blade gives a clean cut; the grass cut with a sharp blade will recover from a cut more quickly, keep on growing healthy, and even face those lawn diseases. Try sharpening a mower blade whenever you plan to mow.

Wrapping Up

We are certain that you will be cautious of these lawn care mistakes. But don’t worry if you have done a mistake; you can simply take the preventive measures as discussed above. Make sure to take note of all the steps you have taken to make your lawn happy and healthy.

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