An Ultimate Summer Lawn Care guide to keep lawn healthy

27 December 2022
An Ultimate Summer Lawn Care guide to keep lawn healthy -

Summer is a season of harsh hot waves, and people hence opt to keep themselves cool. One such activity during summer is staying in the shade and enjoying the view of lush green and beautiful lawns. The greenness of the lawn certainly calms your eyes and gives you a pleasant feel. To grow and maintain lush, healthy lawns in summer, it’s essential to do more than weekly watering and mowing. Additionally, your lawn’s problems in the summer can be caused by bugs, pathogens, fungal diseases, and scorching temperatures. To help you take the best care of the lawn in Summer, we have come up with this blog. Let’s get started!

What can be done for ultimate Summer Lawn Care?

Summer season can be divided into 3 phases, i.e. early, mid, and late summer. If you create a successful summer lawn care strategy for each phase, then your lawn can become healthy throughout the summer season. Let’s now look at how each aspect of lawn care can be carried out in each phase.

 Lawn Care Tips For Early Summer

  • You can offer a good amount of water to help support good root growth.
  • Mow the grass at a high length to help roots reach deep, and the soil stays moist.
  • Early summer offers growth on weed control, and here, you must kill the weeds without harming the surrounding grass. Also, you must identify harmful and useful lawn pests.
  • Fertilising your lawn in early summer to support the growth of grasses.

 Lawn Care Tips for Mid-Summer

  • Feed and fertilise, if necessary.

Opt for mid-summer feeding and fertiliser in the summer to promote a dense, healthy growing lawn. 

  • Mow high length keeping sharp blades.

Blade damage makes dull and bad grass. Thus, be sure to use sharp blades when cutting long lengths.

  • Water for your, water for the lawn.

Be sure to water the grass at least one inch per week.

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An Ultimate Summer Lawn Care guide to keep lawn healthy -

 Lawn Care Tips for Late Summer

You can give a good cut for grasses but not too short. Remember to keep an eye out for seasonal pests since, by the end of the summer, pests can be seen in significant numbers. To take care of a pest issue, you can either do it on your own or contact a reputable lawn care agency. As late summer is the perfect time to plan for your autumn lawn care, make sure to compile your lawn care ideas for the autumn or “falling leaves” season.

Not less, not more, always water as per need! 

Watering your lawn in the summer is the best approach to keeping your lawn healthy. In order to prevent brown spots and maintain healthy turf from root to tip, it is essential to water evenly.

So, you must opt for good once or twice weekly watering rather than light sprinkling. All in all, you can schedule an hour or so once a week to water your grass throughout the summer. During summer, you can choose early in the day or morning for your lawn watering purpose. 

Boost the growth with fertilisers 

If you want your lawn to get the best nutrient, you can apply some fertilisers. Furthermore, you can add summer lawn fertiliser to your grass once it turns green in the late spring or early summer to promote growth. When used properly, summer lawn fertiliser strengthens your grass to resist the season’s heat and even drought.

How to use tools and equipment while taking care of your lawn in the Summer?

Mowing in summer can be hard as the heat can be harsh. So, you must make sure to have regular and timely mowing. You can look into the following tips to use lawn mowing tools during Summer.

  •  Have regularly sharpened blades to prevent the mower from tearing the grass and weakening the blades.
  • In the summer, you must raise your blade positions. 
  • Avoid cutting the grass too short as it makes grasses more vulnerable to heat damage.
  • Invest in one high-quality sprinkler that can water your lawn evenly.

Wrapping Up

Seasonal changes impact every living thing-whether grass or human being. Summer can be harsh to you and your lawn, so always take care of both. We are certain that our lawn care tips will help you keep your lawn healthy. In the case of the tools and equipment, if you feel your lawn mower needs to be changed, then you can look for lawn mowers online. Well, at present, opting for a petrol-based mower may not be a better option as they consume fuel, whereas robotic lawn mowers may not be an affordable product for some lawn owners. So the best option left is electric mowers. Electric lawn mowers will certainly satisfy your lawn mowing deed in Summer and other seasons. If you wish to buy a new mower, then you can look for the best electric lawn mowers

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