Does an electric lawn mower work the same as a petrol one?

3 December 2022
Does an electric lawn mower work the same as a petrol one -

In the old days, the lawn was mowed by hand; the gardeners/garden owners had to struggle as they had to invest ample time in picking and fixing the grasses. Thanks to the invention of lawn mowers, which saved a lot of time and effort. These lawn mowers are a powerful machine that is designed to give a quality cut to your grasses.

Thus, investing your hard-earned money in a quality lawn mower matters. In fact, before buying, you should carefully consider whether to choose a petrol or electric lawn mower, followed by checking on features such as size.

To the question, “Which lawn mower is better- A petrol mower OR an Electric mower?” Well, both variants have their advantages and disadvantages; choosing any of them depends on your circumstances. So, to look into the matter of “Petrol Lawn Mower vs Electric Lawn Mower”, we have come up with this blog. Let’s get started!

Differences between Petrol Lawn Mower vs Electric Lawn Mower

Overall Size and Cutting Width 

In general, the bigger your grass is, the more run time you will require. A petrol lawn mower is best for you if your lawn size exceeds 300 to 400 square meters. But if your lawn is smaller than 300 square meters, then battery-operated or electric lawn mower can be the best choice for you. While electric and battery-powered lawn mowers are more widely available and often have cutting widths of between 30 and 40 cm, petrol-based lawn mowers typically have a broad cutting diameter of 45 to 50 cm.


It is important to consider a lawn mower’s weight because light lawnmowers are simple to operate and maneuver through your yard and around gardens. Compared to petrol-based mowers, electric lawnmowers are lighter. Since electric lawnmowers don’t have fuel tanks or other moving parts, they are lighter than petrol lawn mowers, making them easier to maneuver and turn around corners.

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Does an electric lawn mower work the same as a petrol one -


A typical lawn mower will need about 2.5 HP for a less expensive mower, and these mowers’ highest power rating is roughly 4.0 HP, but they are still best suited for smaller yards. While electric lawn mowers have 1.93 “gross electrical horsepower,” gasoline lawn mowers can operate with somewhat less power, starting at 3Hp. This demonstrates that a petrol lawn mower has greater power than an electric one.


Electric mowers don’t require petrol, oil changes, new air filters, or the maintenance of the carburettor and spark plugs, in contrast to their petrol-powered mowers. However, an electric mower could take up to two hours on average to charge, whereas a petrol mower is always ready to go as long as you have fuel on hand.

Impact on Environment

Since electric lawn mowers don’t require fuel, emit fumes, or make noise, they are, without a doubt, the most environmentally beneficial choice for the Earth and the surrounding area. So, if you support the “Green Movement”, then an electric lawn mower is the best option here. In fact, experts are suggesting people switch to electric mowers as they help support saving up the fossil fuels.


Another aspect to look into is the need for Maintenance. Well, you can witness lesser maintenance as one of the key advantages of electric mowers. However, this doesn’t mean you can use it anyway or avoid cleaning it. You need to change your lawn mower blades, recharge your machine, and clean the deck in every use. Coming to petrol-based mowers, taking care of these lawn mowers is not difficult, but it may need more time and effort for maintenance. You must check on the fuel leaks and other parts to make sure the mower works best.


Budget is the ultimate driving force to guide us in buying anything, including lawn mowers. In general, the price of electric lawn mowers is less than petrol mowers. A battery-powered lawn mower in Australia ranges from AUD 150 to AUD 1900, whereas a petrol mower costs between AUD 200 and AUD 2500. The rising cost of petrol and the oil required to get your petrol mower going can also raise the expense.

To make the difference clearer let’s just look into the disadvantages of each of the mowers.

Petrol-based lawn mowers Electric lawn mowers
They need regular maintenance is required. They have 3 to 5 years of battery life. But once the battery life is gone, you have replaced and replacing the lawn mower battery is expensive.
They are heavier machines and are mostly suitable for large lawns. They are lighter but suitable for small lawns. 
They use petrol and hence make use of fossil fuels and aid in the energy crisis. Batteries are environment-friendly, but they need charging before mowing.

Wrapping Up!

To sum up, the working mechanism and power of electric and petrol lawn mowers are different, but they both work best. Electric and petrol lawn mowers are both efficient and practical; all you need to know is which will serve you the best for your need. You might choose electric lawn mowers if you want a general advantage.

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