Importance of Regular lawn mowing in Australia

23 November 2022
Importance of Regular lawn mowing in Australia -

Having a great-looking lawn is something that most homeowners in Australia love to have. In fact, after the USA, Australia makes it big to use, care for, and invest in lawn mowing. You can see the best-manicured lawns in the Australian Federal Parliament House or the government houses in each state, iconic sports stadiums, golf courses or local ovals. But you have to look into some necessary tips to have an amazing lawn at your home or your business. Let’s discuss the benefits you can enjoy with regular lawn mowing.

Lawn Mowing in Australia: An Overview

The lawn has played a vital role in the social history of Australia as the lawns back then were the status symbol. During the early days, Australia had hundreds of thousands of hectares of lawn under cultivation, despite its irrigation problems. During that time, only the rich could afford to hire people to take weeds. Australia’s botanic gardens started using horse-drawn “gang mowers” in the 1880s. Eventually, tractors took up this task. Later, when Australian suburbs got expanded, front gardens were encouraged. In the early 1950s, the VICTA Rotary mower invented by Mervyn Victor Richardson revolutionised how grass was cut in Australia.

Another greatest achievement is Australia’s first lawn cemetery, established in 1948. After that year, keeping fresh lawns and lawn mowing methods got better; people started using the latest advanced mowing equipment. In fact, after 2020, people are opting for robotic lawn mowers in Australia.

Importance of Regular lawn mowing in Australia -

5 Benefits of  Having a Regular Lawn Mowing


  • You will enjoy stronger grasses.

No one wants their lawn with weak grasses. The strongest grass shoots will grow when your grass is trimmed. All in all, the more often the lawn is cut, the healthier the grass shoots and, ultimately, a healthy lawn. You can get your lawn mowed regularly, keeping it at around 3 inches in height.


  • Your lawn looks “Ah-mazing”.

Who does not like greener, healthier, thicker, and freshly mowed lawns? For that, weekly mowing is needed as it improves the appearance of your lawn. So, with a regular mowed lawn you can get your family,  neighbours and friends to enjoy the great view.


  • Your lawn will have even growth.

 It’s essential to have consistent growth to keep a lovely yard. Patchy and uneven lawns might occasionally leave a bad impression on yourself or the visitors. Even growth is a common issue for lawns, but you may prevent it by mowing frequently. Uniform and routine mowing enhances overall growth and helps in the even distribution and absorption of resources from the sun and water.


  • Regular Mowing can help in Mulching.

 Mulching is essential for a healthy lawn because it restores much-needed nutrients to the lawn after mowing. You can mulch with shorter grass blades if you mow routinely. If the grass isn’t too overgrown, the majority of lawn mowers contain a basic mulching capability that allows you to mulch your lawn after each cut.


  • Give your lawn a fast recovery.

Lawns are prone to get affected by weather, pests, and disease, and a key to overcoming this vulnerability is regular mowing. If you perform regular mowing and invest in maintenance, then your lawn will always thank you, stay healthy, and also recover from its “bad” condition.

Wrapping Up

 Australians have always been a fan of having great lawns and continue to do their best to keep their lawn healthy and happy. Lawn owners in Australia hence are curious and make sure to put a dedicated effort into keeping a clean and attractive lawn. For that, regular mowing with the right lawn care is crucial. Hence, you should take care of your lawn on a regular basis and, most importantly, invest in a good lawn mower. Can’t decide which lawn mower to choose? If so, you can check out the 10 best electric lawnmowers for summer in Australia in 2023.

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