Start your own lawn mowing business from your home 

11 January 2023
Start your own lawn mowing business from your home -

Do you love maintaining lawns and have a soft spot for gardening? What if your hobby of maintaining a lawn can be converted into a lawn mowing and care business? Yes, it is possible to run a business that has a special touch on lawn mowing and care services. People seldom consider converting lawn mowing and care into a profitable business, but there are many opportunities to thrive with lawn mowing. Additionally, there is such an excellent demand for lawn care specialists that most business owners quickly discover they must hire many employees just to keep up.

When thinking about starting a lawn care service, you must understand that it involves more than just cutting the grass and trimming the borders. With this blog, we will help you how to launch and manage a profitable lawn care and mowing business.

Advantages of starting your lawn mowing and care business

  • Lawn care maintenance and garden care are inexpensive initial cost businesses that you can operate from home.
  • All you need to start is the appropriate lawn care tools and transportation.
  • Huge demand for lawn care specialists in Australia.
  • This customer will likely stay with you week after week and season after season if you make a solid first impression and provide a terrific mow.
  • If you enjoy working for yourself, starting a lawn care company is a great choice.
  • Services are easily added and cross-sold. Customers who are satisfied with your lawn care service may ask you to add tree and bush care, landscaping, fertilisation, aeration, lawn clean ups, leaf and debris removal, gutter cleaning, snow removal, sprinkler repairs, etc.

Key factors of lawn care business 

  • Correct licenses and permits
  •  Identification of Target market
  • Collection of lawn mowing equipment
  • Hiring of employees and professionals
  • Go for online advertising of your business.
  • Deliver quality lawn mowing and care service.

What are the lawn care business types of equipment required?

  • Lawn mowers (petrol-base lawn mowers/electric lawnmowers)
  • Edge trimmer
  • Hedge trimmers
  • Blowers
  • Brush cutters
  • Chainsaw
  • Hand tools
  • Snow removal equipment
  • Pest control chemicals and equipment.
  • Safety equipment
  • A pickup truck.

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Start your own lawn mowing business from your home -

What are the costs of starting a lawn mowing business in Australia?

In Australia, a lawn mowing company will typically charge between $45 and $50 per hour, but there are significant variations. What about starting your lawn business? Is it costly to start a lawn mowing business? At the most fundamental level, your lawn mowing company will need equipment and a way to deliver services. This will involve an initial investment, depending on the size and scope of your company. Well, launching a lawn-mowing business may take less than AUD 5000. But you may have to spend more than AUD 20,000 if you wish to lease specialised equipment, hire your own business premises, and conduct intensive marketing.

Some lawn care business marketing tips

  • Pick a catchy business name.
  • Invest in an attractive website.
  • Invest well in online promotion in Google listings, Facebook, and SEO.
  • Use printed marketing material for your business cards.
  • Market to existing customers and communicate with your former lawn care clients.
  • Keep your lawn care pricing competitive after your lawn mowing services get hiked.

Get started with your lawn mowing and business!

So, if you have that feeling of setting up your lawn mowing and care business, it is time to act immediately. You may need to enrol in the lawn care school that will provide you with a certificate, and it best suits you. These courses provide you with a thorough knowledge of learning about lawn mowing and care.

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